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About Heart of Texas Dachshunds
Kendra fell in love with miniature dachshunds after acquiring, Stormy, her very first dachshund! She quickly began adding new members to her dachshund family, multiplying not only in numbers, but for her love of the breed. Now that she has added a husband, Sam, and a daughter, Alannah to the ever growing family, they enjoy caring for the dogs as a team.

Sam fell in love with Kendra, therefore, the dachshunds! He helps keep things running smoothly, helping out wherever and whenever needed. He never minds staying up late with Kendra while she awaits the arrival of puppies, and holds her hand through tough vet visits.

Alannah is a typical young girl. She loves sleepovers, skating (both roller skating and ice skating), sports of all types, and, of course, playing with the puppies! She is always excited when one of the dachshunds attends her soccer or softball games!